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Our Services

Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre takes care of the red tape and works with you to ensure productive apprentices, cadets and trainees.

We offer employers an extensive range of award winning administrative and management services for apprentices, trainees and cadets.

Our Recruitment Services include:

  • advertise vacancies;
  • conduct aptitude testing;
  • interview applicants to meet organisations needs;
  • short list and refer suitable candidates;
  • arrange interviews for the organisations;
  • advise unsuccessful applicants;
  • co-ordinate pre-employment medicals;
  • organise and manage apprentice Contract of Training;
  • organise and participate in organisation induction;
  • safety training and induction prior to starting at your workplace;
  • replace apprentice if found to be unsuitable.

Our Mentoring Services include:

  • visitation schedule to provide mentoring, support and advice;
  • provide a risk a management profile for apprentices/trainees;
  • conduct apprentice performance reviews with organisation and implement strategies;
  • conduct supervisor training;
  • promote apprentices for external awards – State Training Awards etc;
  • management of PPE for apprentices; and
  • conduct regular visits and performance appraisals.

Our WHS Support Services include:

  • WHS onsite review, assistance and guidance;
  • design of Safe Work Method Statements;
  • regular safety training for apprentices and trainees;
  • management all workplace injuries and Return to Work processes;
  • provide protective clothing (PPE);
  • undertake WHS inspections, risk assessments and evaluations prior to commencement of hosting the apprentice and periodically throughout the apprenticeship; and
  • assist the organisation to comply with National Work Health & Safety, if required.

Our Training Plan: Negotiation & Management Services include:

  • enrolment apprentice/trainee with Registered Training Organisation (RTO);
  • negotiate Training Plan and ensure smooth and effective training implementation and monitoring;
  • mapping of Training Plan with on the job experience;
  • design apprentice rotation chart within the organisation to ensure whole of organisation training needs are met;
  • monitor attendance at the Registered Training Organisation (RTO);
  • conduct Registered Training Organisation (RTO) performance reports with trainer and supply feedback to organisation including results; and
  • monitor and facilitate competency based progression.

Training Options or Customised Training – services include:

  • off-the-job training (Registered Training Organisations);
  • on-the-job training (Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre );
  • blended model of on and off-the-job training;
  • design and delivery of tailored skill sets; and
  • providing workforce development planning services.

Our Payroll and Administrative Services include:

  • management of all payroll responsibilities;
  • on-line timesheet management;
  • award update notification; and
  • we handle all Government department liaison and paperwork with accuracy and efficiency.


Why Choose Us?

Apprentices/trainees that work for you

Our Apprentice Management System is designed with productivity in mind. Our goals are to assist your business in finding the right people for your organisation to boost your bottom line.

It starts with the quality of our apprentices and trainees, many of whom have gone on to win awards, recognition and other career development opportunities. We know employing an apprentice or trainee is a big investment on your part and we take selection seriously. In today’s market it is challenging to find quality candidates that are both ‘work ready’ and possess the aptitude for the job. For many employers choosing an apprentice or trainee can be a bit like taking a stab in the dark and you often find yourself being bogged down in unsuitable resumes and applications.

As an Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre host you will only review a shortlist of candidates that have already been screened and interviewed and matched to your business requirements. Our rigorous selection process and the way we manage our apprentices/trainees once they are employed is designed to ensure you get a return – a placement that delivers productivity.

Our rigorous recruitment processes:

  • thoroughly pre-screen and aptitude test candidates;
  • match a candidates capabilities and career goals to both your organisation and to your industry sector;
  • assesses each candidate in detail wherever possible to understand how motivated and disciplined they are, and how well they work with their peers.

If you are concerned your industry sector will always struggle to attract the best apprentices, think again. We tackle negative stereotypes head-on to emphasize the bright future you and your industry can offer. We champion your industry so our apprentices can champion your business.

The Ai Group has been helping Australian businesses of all sizes to improve the bottom line for almost 150 years – it’s the reason we exist. Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre ,the Group Training arm of Ai Group are passionate about helping good businesses become great and for over 50 years have been delivering cost effective customised Apprentice Management solutions with a focus on the productivity of your workplace.

Our Apprentice Management System is designed with productivity in mind. Exclusive features like our e-payroll and billing system, online training, quantity and quality of visits by our Employment and Training Consultants (ETCs), identification of ‘at risk’ apprentices, approach to Work Health & Safety (WHS) and training management means a stress free experience for apprentice/trainee and host organisation alike.

We recognise that no 2 workplaces are alike and their needs are as individual as they are. We have an extensive range of services designed to meet the requirements of workplaces of all sizes – from a full outsource to strategic partnering to enhance your in-house capabilities. Our points of difference are exemplified by our having:

  • a nationally consistent approach – all states and territories;
  • a focus on productive apprentices and trainees;
  • over 200 combined years of apprentice employment and management experience; and
  • flexible models of training, employment and management to suit your needs.

Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre is a Group Training Organisation that employs and places Australian apprentices and trainees with host organisations. We provide recruitment and management services to employers and in conjunction with the Ai Group Registered Training Organisation (RTO), deliver a broad range of training.

Case Studies


Callan Ridge

Through constant hard work and initiative Callan completed his apprenticeship in just 3 years and is now employed as a fully qualified tradesman by W McCulloch & Son


Micah Jensen

Throughout his apprenticeship Micah liked to push the boundaries with new practices and handmade custom tools


Rochelle Sanders

Rochelle’s high level IT skills and ability to quickly assess and problem solve in this area were noticed very early on by her Host Employer when she volunteered to assist in the rollout of the site’s new software and computer system


Tori Caskie

Victoria Caskie was inspired to look for an apprenticeship after she developed a keen interest in tools from her father and uncle, who had both worked in the Engineering industry.


Ai Group Workforce Development

We place apprentices and trainees with host organisations across all states and territories. ​We are a proud partner to more than 200 host organisations including some ​top Australia​n household names.