Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre Host Safety Information

Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre has a duty of care to ensure that our employees are safe from hazards or potential hazards whilst working at all of our Host Organisation sites.  It is our aim to work together with our Host Employer Organisations to identify any possible hazards that may exist on their worksites, and where practicable, to assist in the control of the hazards to reduce the risk posed to our employees.

For prospective or new Host Organisations, new worksites or new vocations a WHS site visit by an Ai Group Work Health & Safety Advisor will be carried out before any new apprentice/trainee starts.

Information obtained from the WHS Site Visit enables a greater understanding of not only the Host Organisations requirements, but also the tasks which will be undertaken by the apprentice/trainee.

As a Host Organisation working with Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre, both have a joint obligation to ensure, so far as is reasonable practical, that the health and safety of all workers is not put at risk from the conduct of the business.

This duty requires all businesses to provide:

  • a safe work environment;
  • safe plant and structures;
  • safe systems of work;
  • safe use and handling of plant, structures and substances;
  • adequate facilities to support the welfare of workers;
  • information, instruction, supervision and training; and
  • monitoring of the health of workers and conditions to prevent illness or injury.


At the Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre we uphold the principle:

“All Injuries Can Be Prevented”


Policies are subject to change and you should regularly check back to see any updates.

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