Training & Workplace Development

Training and Workforce Development

Training and Workforce Development

When you take on an apprentice a formal Training Contract must be established that includes an obligation to provide training. This agreement is registered with your state or territory training authority and specifies the qualification to be achieved.

The apprentice will be undertaking a nationally recognised qualification at a Certificate III level in a specific trade area. The Certificate III involves 4 stages through which the apprentice needs to work and gain competence. Whilst the apprenticeship can take up to 3 or 4 years, progression through the stages is based on competency, so the apprentice may complete the qualification over a shorter timeframe in a way that meets the needs of the employer and apprentice.

You can negotiate the timing, location and mode of delivery and sequencing of units of competence, as well as the trainer that conducts assessments.

The way your apprentice is trained has an important bearing on their development as an effective worker in your business. The time your apprentice spends with your business in the workplace is an integral component of their learning. It allows their theory to be applied and for work based learning to occur.

The choice of training provider, private or public is up to you.

The benefits of training through Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre

Ai Group’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is registered to provide training in around 30 nationally recognised qualifications. It is experienced in providing training for apprentices and trainees in:

  • MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade)
  • MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering (Fabrication)

The RTO can also build in a range of complementary units, skill sets and qualifications, such as the Certificate III in Work Health and Safety to the apprentice/trainee training depending on employer and company needs.

Ai Group’s training provider uses a work-based approach to apprentice/trainee training having found this provides the best experience and results for employers and employees. The benefits include:

  • building the training around both the businesses’ objectives and the apprentice’s/trainee’s job role;
  • increased relevance of the training;
  • the majority of training taking place on-site, with the regular presence of a trainer to train/support the apprentice or trainee and guide the workplace supervisor; and
  • more flexible completion times meaning potential for accelerated progression where warranted.

As part of our approach we:

  • consult with employers to design training around company/training unit objectives and business improvements;
  • build work related projects for apprentices and trainees into flexible training plans;
  • hold the majority of the off-the-job training, application of skills and assessments on-site;
  • ensure delivery coincides with on-the-job progression of the skills required;
  • support the coaching by the workplace supervisor;
  • integrate a proportion of pre-scheduled off-the-job training and work with other TAFEs/RTOs and companies to provide apprentice/trainee rotations and access to equipment and facilities (where relevant); and
  • hold regular feedback sessions with employers, supervisors and trainers.

Broader Workforce Development support through Ai Group

Ai Group offers a broader Workforce Development service for companies working through the development needs of their whole workforce. We can work with you to assist in identifying the needs of your people that are linked to business goals, culture and improvements.

Short courses, skill sets and qualifications can all be customised to meet your businesses’ needs, and cover areas such as:

  • leadership and management;
  • employee relations;
  • Work Health and Safety;
  • business;
  • lean;
  • warehousing and logistics; and
  • training and assessment.

Ai Group Workforce Development

We place apprentices and trainees with host organisations across all states and territories. ​We are a proud partner to more than 200 host organisations including some ​top Australia​n household names.