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Do you want to take control of your future? Are you looking for an opportunity to learn the skills that can prepare you to participate in the dynamic and exciting telecommunications industry?

Due to ongoing customer demand in the telecommunications industry, there is an increasing need for additional trained telecommunications technicians. ISGM, with our training partners Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre and JB Hunter are launching a series of training programs at specific locations around Australia to provide opportunities to potential new technicians to enter the telecommunications industry.

The 17 week course includes all the required training and process information for becoming competent in finding and fixing faults, including ADSL, on Telstra’s copper network.

Training includes in the field training and ride-ons, classroom and online training modules as well as mentoring.


Business Costs

A guide to indicative monthly business costs


NOTE: Indicative monthly costs to be used as a GUIDE ONLY


New Vehicle: Fitted Out Four (4) Chattel Mortgage w/ 30% Residual
(e.g. Renault Traffic Diesel Man / VW Amarok 4 x 2 Auto)
Tools: (Three (3) Year Lease to Own) $548.00
Insurances: $280.00
Business Management
Accounting Services:
(Contractor Tool Box) $385.00
Vehicle Running Costs: (Fuel at $1.40 / Litre Plus Service) $450.00
Total Monthly Business: Outlay Per Month $2443.00
New Starter: (Less Than one (1) Year) Faults Only Average Per Day $380.00
Working twenty-two (22) Days Per Month $8360.00
Business Monthly Return Before Tax: $5917.00

(This Will Increase with Experience, Skill Up Lift, KPI Incentives and Additional Work Undertaken)


Training Program


Where is the training being held?
There are training programs being held in various locations around Australia. Please refer to the Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre website (www.aigroupapprentices.com.au) or the ISGM website (www.isgm.com.au) for specific locations.
Who is running the training program?
Ai Group and ISGM are offering the training program in conjunction with JB Hunter, a registered training organisation with over 20 years’ experience delivering quality telecommunications training. JB Hunter will conduct your technical training if you are accepted into the training program. This will be supported by HSE training and ride-ons with experienced telecommunications technicians.
How many hours per week do I work during the training program?
It is anticipated you will work a standard 38 hour week during the training program. Any time you work above 38 hours is transferred to RDO hours.
What is the cost of doing the training program?
The training program has no cost to you.
Who is my employer during the training program?
You will be employed by Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre during the training program. This means Ai Group pay your wages, superannuation, administer WorkCover and provide basic PPE. Ai Group will also pay a travel and accommodation allowance if applicable.
Who is Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre?
Established in 1961, Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre, is a Quality Approved Group Training Company with a 50 year history in providing quality training to the industry. It is one of the few Group Training Organisations who focus primarily on the telecommunications, manufacturing, engineering and maintenance trades.
How do I apply for the training program?
All applicants must register through the Ai Group Apprentice & Trainee Centre website to be considered for a position in the training program at a particular location.
Do I need to have any experience in telecommunications to apply?
You don’t need any previous telecommunications knowledge or experience but you must be committed to learn, have good hand skills, be able to work on your own and have good customer service skills.
Do I have to undertake a police and credit check before starting?
Yes, you will not be able to proceed through the recruitment process without having a police and credit check.
How do I get paid?
During the training program trainees will be paid directly by Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre. Once a subcontracting company signs the Ticket of Work Standing Offer Agreement and starts providing services to ISGM, recipient created tax invoices (RCTI) will be prepared weekly for services provided and supplied to the subcontractor by ISGM for acceptance. These invoices will be paid on a weekly basis, 14 days from the date of invoice. A full explanation of ISGM’s payment arrangements are outlined in the Ticket of Work Standing Offer Agreement.

Rates of Pay during training: 

17 weeks program = $783.30 per week

Post Training

What happens at the end of the training program?
At the end of the training program, and once you are deemed competent, you may be offered the opportunity to:

  • establish your own company and provide subcontracting services to ISGM as an independent business pursuant to a Ticket of Work Standing Offer Agreement with ISGM. You should obtain your own legal advice before signing; or
  • work as an employee of an existing ISGM subcontractor.
Who is ISGM?
. ISGM is a leading Australian services company providing advisory and workforce management services to blue chip clients like Telstra through its strategy, systems and operational capabilities. ISGM’s role is to link national organisations with highly skilled and motivated, independent, field based subcontractors to deliver exceptional customer service.
What is does the Ticket of Work Standing Offer Agreement cover?
The Ticket of Work Standing Offer Agreement is a contract between a subcontractor and ISGM outlining key aspects of how the organisations will work together. It covers areas such as services to be provided, key performance indicators, payment terms, HSE requirements etc. You will be provided with a full copy of the Agreement during the on boarding process for new subcontractors.
What if I’m not sure about starting up my own subcontracting business?
Don’t worry. If the opportunity arises for you to set up a company to provide subcontracting services to ISGM, there are a number of program partners who are available to help you set up your own business if you don’t have your own service providers. This includes purchasing a vehicle and tools, establishing your company and registering your business name. Alternatively ISGM may be able to match you with an existing ISGM subcontractor looking for additional qualified technicians.

Each individual should obtain their own legal and financial advice if this opportunity arises.

Subcontracting to ISGM

How might my company benefit from providing services to ISGM?
Some of the benefits of becoming a subcontractor to ISGM include:

  • Involvement in the telecommunications industry which is a growing and stable industry
  • The flexibility that comes with running your own business.
  • ISGM offers competitive rates and allocation of work based on location, skills and availability
  • From time to time your company may be offered the opportunity to broaden the services it provides to ISGM.
  • ISGM make weekly payments, 14 days from the date of invoice.
  • Your company will be part of a much bigger team. ISGM, Telstra and subcontractors all work in partnership to provide excellence in customer service.
  • ISGM operates a safety first culture -We don’t cut corners on safety because we want everyone to arrive home safely every day.
How much might my company get paid as a subcontractor to ISGM?

All ISGM subcontractors are paid according to the tickets of work the company completes. The value of each ticket of work varies according to the type of activity, skills required, and estimated time for completion. Each ticket of work is paid according to a standard schedule of rates, which is reviewed annually.

As the mix of work type and volume of work is customer demand driven there is no “standard” payment per week figure. The table below sets out indicative average daily payments to three subcontracting companies completing ‘fault only’ tickets of work.

Average Number of Tickets of Work Completed Per Day Average Daily Payments ex GST*
Subcontractor 1 3.1 $218.18
Subcontractor 2 5.1 $379.91
Subcontractor 3 8.5 $751.42


* The table gives the average payment per day worked, to 3 ISGM subcontracting companies, over a four week period and an indication of the average number of tickets of work each company completed per day over that period. The subcontracting companies selected are examples of a mid-range level of payment per day worked of the subcontractors completing the average number of tickets of work per day worked.

All subcontracting companies completing the average number of tickets of work listed for each of the example subcontractors will not necessarily receive the average daily payments set out in the table. The precise figure each company receives will be based on the type of activities they perform on the ticket of work, the location of the work, the schedule of rates payable for those activities etc., and so could be lower or higher. As mentioned throughout this document, you should also get independent legal and financial advice.

What will influence the amount my company is paid as a subcontractor to ISGM?
ISGM seeks to allocate work based on location, skills and availability. Payment for each item of work is determined by a schedule of rates. ISGM is committed to paying a competitive and consistent schedule of rates for all ISGM subcontractors based on location and the activities undertaken. Rates are reviewed regularly. The rates schedule will be provided to subcontractors as part of the on-boarding process.

Variables like type of work performed, number of tickets of work completed, technician availability, location in which the work is performed etc will also influence the amount your company will be paid each week.

Can my company’s technicians set their own availability?
The workers of subcontracting companies are able to set their own availability in the availability register up to three months in advance and can make changes wherever necessary
Do my company’s technicians have to wear a uniform?
All subcontractor companies that provide services to ISGM are required to ensure their technicians wear ISGM uniforms to all Telstra customer premises. The supplied uniform must only be worn while performing services for Telstra (so that Telstra customers can be confident that the technician attending is authorised to do the required work). ISGM supplies its subcontractors with a full kit for each of the subcontractor’s workers including shorts, pants, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts etc. All subcontractor companies will need to ensure that their technicians are equipped with two pairs of steel capped safety boots with heels for climbing ladders (one clean pair for inside customer premises and one for working outside).
What equipment do my company’s technicians need?
Each technician undertaking work for an ISGM subcontractor requires a range of specialised equipment, general tools and safety gear is required. ISGM will provide a full list of required tools during the onboarding process for new subcontractors.
Are there any vehicle requirements?
Technician vehicles must be in line with industry standards, commercial and road worthy. They must be capable of transporting materials, guards, test equipment and tools safely. Optional Telstra/ISGM removable magnets can be made available.
Are my company’s technicians required to wear ID cards?
Yes. New technicians will be issued with ID cards that include your company’s name on the card.



Need help setting up your own subcontracting business

There are a number of expectations that ISGM has of their subcontractors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A proprietary limited company structure
  • Appropriate insurances
  • Necessary accreditations and training to perform work allocated
  • Tools, suitable vehicle and personal protective equipment (PPE)

A full list of what is required will be provided during the on-boarding process for new subcontracting companies and as part of the training program we will run a business establishment day where our contractor services partners will be available to provide assistance if you do not have your own service providers. Our contractor services partners include:



Contractor Services Partners

The following information is provided by our contractor services partners. Disclaimer: ISGM does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information set out below. ISGM will not be liable for any costs, expenses, liability, loss, or damage which may be incurred or for which any person may become liable as a result of any use of or reliance on the information set out below, except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law.



Who is Techpac?
Techpac, part of the Middys Group of companies is a preferred supplier to ISGM and ISGM contractors offering:

  • Test equipment, tools and safety equipment
  • Vehicles including vehicle fit-outs and accessories
  • Finance packages for vehicles, tools and equipment
  • Insurance to meet all of the needs of the contractor

With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry Techpac can help you get to where you want to be.

What equipment do my company’s technicians need?
Each technician undertaking work for an ISGM subcontractor requires a range of specialised equipment, general tools and safety gear is required.

Test Equipment
ISGM have identified specific items of test equipment which are mandatory for ISGM subcontractors. Techpac offer quality ISGM approved test equipment that is designed to last and will meet your needs for many years throughout your career in telecommunications.

Tools and Safety Equipment
Your company will need a large range of general tools, telecommunications specific tools and safety gear to work as an ISGM subcontractor. Techpac supply all the tools and safety gear on the ISGM mandatory list of equipment as well as many other optional items that will assist with your day to day work. Techpac produces ISGM and Telstra specific products not readily available in the market place.

What about my company’s vehicle needs?
Techpac can offer ISGM subcontractors a range of commercial vehicles at fleet discount pricing. The discounts are significant, saving you thousands of dollars from the list price of the vehicles. From small and large vans, to all ute configurations (single cab, dual cab, 4×2, 4×4, diesel etc) Techpac has the right vehicle to suit your company’s needs. All vehicles offered are from leading manufacturers, covered by manufacturer’s warranty and designed for hard work and reliability. An ISGM approved fitout for vans and utes have been designed to meet your company’s needs as a telecommunications subcontractor and can be fitted to the vehicle pre-delivery.
How will my company be able to afford this?
If required Techpac has arranged for you to have access to exclusive finance packages from a leading financial institution for tools, test equipment and vehicles. Finance can be pre-arranged for your company with a leading provider at competitive financing rates. The finance allows your company to pay off its tools and vehicle over 3-5 years. Accessing finance is a simple low document process with a fast approval and settlement process. Techpac will guide your company through every step of the way.
What insurances will my company need?
ISGM requires its subcontractors have appropriate insurance coverage. Techpac offers insurance packages tailored specifically to your company’s needs as an ISGM subcontractor. Providing all policies required under ISGM contracts including liability, tools, motor vehicle, workers compensation and personal accident & illness. The ‘Technical Trades Insurance Package’ provides a complete and tailored insurance solution, specific to ISGM contractual arrangements. Group buying power enables extremely competitive premiums, whilst providing a comprehensive package to meet the specific requirements of the telco industry. Insurance premiums can be paid in affordable monthly instalments.
If I buy a new van and tools, what is the cost?

Techpac as an ISGM preferred supplier can provide all your vehicle, vehicle fitout, tool and equipment requirements to fulfil all your functions as an ISGM contractor. Techpac has a number of options to choose from but to provide you with an idea of costs and what you receive they have standard packages.

Outright purchase price for either a brand new van such as a VW Caddy or Transporter with full ISGM compliant fitout or a brand new dual cab ute such as a VW Amarok with full ISGM compliant fitout and all the mandatory ISGM tools and equipment will range from $51,000 to $58,000 all inclusive.

Techpac can offer finance that covers not only the vehicle, but the vehicle fitout and all your tools and equipment. Monthly repayments on these all-inclusive vehicle, vehicle fitout, tool and equipment packages will range from $930 per month to $1,490 per month dependant on vehicle type and credit status.


This finance is based on a 48 month chattel mortgage with a 30% residual. (see definition below). There are other finance options available also.

A Chattel Mortgage is a commercial finance product. Under a Chattel Mortgage a finance company lends money to the customer to purchase a motor vehicle and/or other equipment (the “chattel”), and the customer makes regular repayments. The customer takes ownership of the vehicle/equipment at the time of purchase, but the finance company also takes out a “mortgage” over the vehicle/equipment by way of an ASIC-registered Fixed and Floating Charge to provide security for the loan. Once the term of the loan is completed and any residual (balloon) value is paid, the finance company removes the Charge, giving the customer clear title to the vehicle/equipment. Alternatively, the customer can “trade in” or re-finance the residual value.

Please note that these figures are indicative only and may vary from state to state.



Who is SME Finance Group?
SME Finance Group Pty Ltd (SME) is a finance company specialising in asset finance, mortgage finance and cash flow lending. Our asset finance division provides loan and rental funding solutions across a broad range of equipment through its innovative and flexible funding alternatives.
How long does it take to settle a finance agreement?
Settlement time varies depending on the individual application. In general, following approval of the application, a contract will take approximately 24 hours to settle.
What repayment intervals are available to my company?
Your company can set its repayments to be either monthly or weekly cycles. Please note that your company’s repayment date is set at the settlement of its contract. So if your company settled on the 1st January, its first repayment will be on the 1st of February (for monthly payments).
What financial information does my company need to provide to SME Finance Group when applying for credit?
The financial information required depends on whether the applicant is a personal or a business applicant. In general, personal applicants will be required to show the following items:

  • Current drivers licence.
  • Most recent pay slips and/or other confirmation of financial information (e.g. your tax return)
What happens if my company can't make a payment?
Any late payments must be arranged prior to the due date of the payment. Direct debits generally require a minimum of 72 hours to cancel or alter. If your company requests to alter a direct debit with less than 72 hours notice, we can’t guarantee its request will be processed in time to affect the existing payment arrangement and dates.

It’s your company’s responsibility to have funds available in its bank account to be drawn on the contracted dates. Any dishonour fees charged by your company’s bank or the late cancellation of a direct debit fee will be incurred by it

Can my company use SME Finance Group for used vehicles?
Yes! SME Finance Group offers financing solutions, whether your company is in the market for a new or a used vehicle. The maximum age for used vehicles is generally 12 years at the end of the loan term.
Why does my company have to comprehensively insure its car?
The terms and conditions of your company’s contract require that its vehicle be comprehensively insured at all times. Your company must make sure that its insurance company is aware that the vehicle is under finance and the interest for the financier is noted.
How does my company have its car removed from the Personal Property Securities Register?
The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the register where details of security interests in your company’s vehicle is registered and searched. Under normal circumstances vehicles under finance take a minimum of six days, after the payout of the contract, to be removed from PPSR.



Who is Contractor Toolbox?
Contractor Toolbox was established to cater for the very specific needs of the contractor workforce. As our name suggests, we only manage and assist contractors, thus our focus and awareness is solely configured around the regulatory and operational requirements that a contractor needs, to run and operate their business.

Understanding the everyday needs of the individual are paramount in our business, with Contractor Toolbox receiving awards for the work it has done in the contracting space.

What does Contractor Toolbox do?
Our service offering is designed to assist contractors in the initial set up of their companies, right through to the ongoing financial management of their business.

We help guide our contractors through this process and ensure that they are set up correctly, by having the important areas covered and completed.

Backed by a strong support workforce, Contractor Toolbox provides a level of “real time” support that is unmatched in the market.

Why what Contractor Toolbox does is important
Operating a business carries with it a high level of responsibility. In accordance with this, the importance of having the right advice and support when completing your company financials is of extreme importance.

As part of our service offering, Contractor Toolbox will assist daily/weekly/monthly with the management and submission of business critical data such as; Quarterly BAS, Tax, Book Keeping, Payroll Services, Budgeting, Annual Financial Statements, Online Document Storage and Important Payment Regulation.

The above are all legal requirements of operating a company, thus for our clients we manage all of this and more, to remove unnecessary stress and worry these type of affairs generate.

How can they help
Whether you have been in business for many years, or this is your first experience, Contractor Toolbox can assist you with the finer details for your operation.

We are available daily to assist our clients with queries or concerns and have a genuine passion for educating our clients in the day to day financial operation of their business.

We are experts at assisting with delicate circumstance, thus if you are concerned about your financial situation, the setup, or contracting in general, we are readily available to assist with your concerns to get you on the right track, with piece of mind.

What You Need To Know
When you generate a company, there are certain responsibilities that a director must adhere to. These responsibilities are not to be feared, but they certainly must be respected. There are serious ramifications for misrepresentation or delinquency in this regard, so it is advised with strong emphasis to ensure you are aware of exactly what your obligations are.

As part of the Contractor Toolbox service model, we ensure that all of these requirements are met by providing you the guidance of what needs to be fulfilled and the timings around this.

This is a very important part of your business and the right level of priority needs to be placed around this.

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