The Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre (ATC) is the leading national employer of Apprentices and Trainees.

We transform lives by creating a community of Host Employers, Training Providers, Apprentices and Trainees to achieve successful business and career outcomes. We offer a wholistic service that includes recruitment, guidance, and mentoring, giving our Apprentices and Trainees the very best opportunity to thrive and succeed.

The ATC believes apprenticeships and traineeships are the steppingstones to highly esteemed and sought-after careers. We partner with Host Employers across a broad range of traditional and emerging industries including engineering, manufacturing, infrastructure, automotive, transport and logistics, telecommunications, business administration, health/community services, clean energy, IT/cyber security, defence and mining.

As part of The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), a national employer association, we are at the forefront of industry trends and policy. With our support, you can keep abreast of and address issues such as skill shortages, which can impact your business growth.

Our direct access to Ai Group’s HR/IR and WHS expertise enables us to deliver excellent outcomes for all. Safety is at the center of everything we do and we ensure our Host Employers remain compliant with all apprenticeship and traineeship requirements, providing you with lower risk and peace of mind.

A Not For Profit orgnisation, we are a national Group Training Organisation that is a member of the National Apprentice Employment Network, as well as the State associations.

We are approved Labour Hire Licensed providers in the relevant states and territories that require. We have many staff that sit on committees that contribute to improvements across the Vocational Training, and apprenticeship employment system, and regularly liaise with government departments on providing real life feedback of apprentice and trainee related matters.

Our Committment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond awards and accolades. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing and challenging environment for our apprentices and trainees, helping them realise their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their respective industries. Our achievements and recognition are a testament to the hard work of both our apprentices and our entire team.

We are proud of our journey and are committed to continuing our pursuit of excellence in the future. Stay tuned for more updates, as we remain dedicated to fostering talent and making a positive impact in the industries we serve.

Our Apprentices and Trainees are encouraged to participate in activities that compliment their studies, as well as the companies they are hosted to.

Worldskills, Todays Skills Tomorrow’s Leaders are examples of programs that we promote and encourage apprentiecs and trainees to participate in to add personal growth and development skills to them acquiring the technical vocational skills through their apprenticeships and traineeships.