Ai Group Apprentice And Trainee Centre is a Group Training Organisation, or (GTO). Along with many other GTO’s across Australia, we play a key role in facilitating the apprenticeship and traineeship system.

What we do

We employ apprentices and trainees.
We act as the legal employer for apprentices and trainees, taking on the responsibility for their wages, superannuation, and other employment benefits.

We place apprentices and Trainees with host employers.
Matching candidates with suitable host employers in their industry for on-the-job training and experience.

We offer a range of support services to both apprentices and host employers, including:

  • Recruitment and selection: Helping apprentices find suitable placements and host employers find qualified candidates.
  • Training and development: Ensuring apprentices receive the necessary off-the-job training through accredited courses and workshops.
  • Mentorship and pastoral care: Providing apprentices with guidance and support throughout their apprenticeship.
  • Administrative support: Handling paperwork, contracts, and other administrative tasks related to the apprenticeship.


  • Reduced risk for host employers: GTOs take on the administrative burden and financial risk associated with employing apprentices, making it easier for businesses to participate in the apprenticeship system.
  • Improved quality of training: GTOs have expertise in training and development, ensuring apprentices receive high-quality training and support.
  • Increased completion rates: GTOs provide ongoing support and guidance to apprentices, which can help them stay on track and complete their apprenticeship.
  • GTOs champion diversity in apprenticeships, opening doors for individuals with disabilities, women in traditionally male-dominated trades, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.