Our Connection to Ai Group Centre of Education and Training

Our Apprentice and Trainee Centre is privileged to enjoy the relationship and support from Ai Group’s Centre of Education and Training (CET). This unique collaboration empowers us as a GTO to stand at the forefront of vocational education and training in Australia. With the CET’s influential network, including governmental connections and involvement in Skills advisory boards, we gain invaluable insights directly from industry members, providing authentic feedback on the intricacies of vocational training. This real-world perspective shapes our approach, helping us address challenges and spearhead improvements in apprenticeships and traineeships across the nation. The CET is not just a leader; it’s a trailblazer, propelling innovative discussions and driving projects dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of our training sector.

As an example, this report titled “Connecting the Dots – Exploring young Australians’ pathways from education and training into work” was a study that took a deeper look at the real trajectories and early career pathways of young people through data from the Longitudinal Survey of Australian Youth (LSAY). In 2009, a nationally representative sample of 14,251 age 15 school students was taken. These students were subsequently interviewed annually until the age of 25, in the year 2019.

Our ATC is provided with a rich and nuanced picture of the pathways of a range of young Australians over time enabling us to better understand the choices young people are making transitioning from schools to workplaces around the country.


An Ai Group Centre for Education & Training report: Exploring young Australians’ pathways from education and training into work.