Ai Group ATC features on Channel 9’s The Today Show – Apprenticeships ‘offer so many opportunities and career paths’

Young people may be missing out on the opportunities that apprenticeships and traineeships bring because of negative messaging from the community. 

The trend has resulted in a dramatic drop in apprenticeship and traineeship enrolments, contributing to the skills shortage crippling Australia.  

Speaking on Channel Nine’s Today Show this morning, Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre (Ai Group ATC) Employment Training Consultant Dennis Knox said schools, family and friends might have a bias towards university that unwittingly deterred young people from exploring other education or training options. 

Watch the interview here:

“Those who went down the university path might not understand the benefits of going down the apprenticeship or traineeship path,” Mr Knox said. 

“It is a concern. We’re having a lot of trouble filling vacancies that we have across various industries. It is a challenge for us.” 

An Ai Group Centre for Education and Training report revealed least year that apprenticeships and postgraduate qualifications lead to higher job satisfaction, earnings and employment outcomes.  

There are more than 450 trades to choose from, including robotics, electrical engineering and those in renewable energy.

Completing an apprenticeship or traineeship is often a vital stepping stone of a career journey. 

“There are so many opportunities and different apprenticeships and traineeships out there,” Mr Knox said.

“By following this path, you’re going to get a nationally accredited qualification. 

“You’re going to get a lifelong skill and get paid for the time you spend completing your trade — and you’re not going to get a HECS debt at the end.” 

Kyle Cheeseman, a fourth-year mechanical engineering Ai Group ATC apprentice hosted to Coca-Cola Euopacific Partners Australia, is stoked with his career choice. 

“I’ve always liked working with my hands and being able to learn on the job,” he said. 

“Getting paid to learn is a big bonus.  

“Every day offers different opportunities, and I get to work with some really good people from all over the world.” 

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