Apprentice of the Month: April 2022

Andreas Anagnostaras-Thornton

Andreas Anagnostaras-Thornton is April’s Apprentice of the Month.

The talented fitter and turner is 2 ½ years into his apprenticeship with host organisation Hypower.

Andreas’ passion for engineering is evident. He recently fitted out his garage with a milling machine, lathe and drill press so he can continue honing his craft when he’s not at work. In his spare time, he enjoys attending a local aircraft hangar to help restore old aircraft. He also loved tinkering on his own car: rebuilding the engine and restoring it.

After completing VCE Year 12 in 2017, Andreas started an engineering degree at uni. However, he wasn’t confident that this path would get him to where he really wanted to go, so he decided to embark on an apprenticeship instead.
He made enquiries through Ai Group ATC’s website and was offered several interviews. After some consideration, he joined Hypower as an apprentice fitter and turner.

“It was a great decision,” Andreas said.
“I am continually learning from people who have incredible experience. I can’t believe I’m getting paid to learn.”

Andreas, who has been applauded by his supervisors for his enthusiasm and effort, has since referred two other apprentices who have started with us.

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