Diesel engines are known for their hard work, and because of that are found in hard working vehicles. Diesel engines are different from gasoline powered engines and have different needs and requirements when being serviced. Diesel mechanics deal with everything from routine oil changes to full engine rebuilds.

What does a heavy plant / diesel mechanic apprentice do?

Whilst working with trade professionals, apprentices learn how to repair and service diesel powered vehicles; these include:

  • Light and medium rigid trucks;
  • Prime movers and semi-trailers;
  • Road trains;
  • B doubles; and
  • Passenger busses

What are employers looking for?

Employers are looking for capable individuals with knowledge and experience in:

  • Hydraulics;
  • Diesel and Heavy Diesel Mechanics; and
  • Heavy vehicles

Holding a current driver’s licence and HR licence are also highly recommended when applying for work in this field.

Employment and Career Prospects

Most diesel mechanics work for themselves, dealerships and mechanical workshops for large mining and civil works companies.

In most cases this is a full-time job.

Employment in this occupation rose strongly in the last five (5) years and is expected to remain constant in the future.

Timeframe of the apprenticeship

The nominal timeframe is four (4) years, however nowadays you can complete your training earlier.

Additionally, you can incorporate other specific training qualifications to improve your skill set.

What is in it for you?

  • Do not wait until you finish your studying to get paid, get paid day one, and no big HECS debt at the end.
  • Learn trade specific skills and gain on the job experience.

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