Celebrating Success: Natasha Martin and Heather Chapman Shine at Albury Careers Evening

At the recent Albury Careers Evening, two of our outstanding female apprentices, Natasha Martin and Heather Chapman, left a lasting impression on attendees from across the region. The event, attended by future schools leavers from schools including Catholic College Wodonga, Indie School Albury, James Fallon High, and others, aimed to inspire the next generation to consider careers in trades.

Natasha and Heather, both apprentices with Ai Group ATC, shared their personal journeys and experiences in the manufacturing sector, drawing the audience with their enthusiasm and insights. They not only highlighted the opportunities available in trades but also challenged the stereotypes about women in traditionally male-dominated industries.

“We were thrilled to see such positive engagement from both students and parents,” said Katie Friedlieb, the Senior Project Officer of the ‘Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) program with Training Services NSW, reflecting on the event’s success. “With minimal promotion, we attracted a diverse group eager to learn about career paths in trades.”

Attendees, including students spanning Years 9 to 12, appreciated the firsthand perspectives shared by Natasha and Heather. Feedback from a post-event survey underscored the event’s impact, noting the valuable information received and the opportunity to interact directly with industry experts.

Natasha and Heather’s participation not only showcased their achievements but also inspired young minds to consider the possibilities within the manufacturing sector. Their stories exemplify the opportunities available through apprenticeships and highlight the ongoing commitment of Ai Group ATC to foster talent and diversity in trades.

Ai Group ATC Area Manager from Albury, Chanon Ramos thanked Kaite and her team for arranging the event, and our ATC look forward to building on this success for future events, ensuring even greater engagement and impact within the Riverina community.