Celebrating Women in Skilled Trades: AI Group Hosts Inspiring Event

Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre (ATC) in Adelaide marked International Women’s Day with a vibrant event dedicated to showcasing the diverse opportunities available in the skilled trades for women. Held on March 8th, the event brought together industry partners, aspiring female tradespeople, and representatives passionate about promoting career exploration in traditionally male-dominated fields.

The venue buzzed with a welcoming energy as attendees arrived. Colourful banners adorned the space, reflecting the spirit of the day. Laughter and conversation filled the air as women from various backgrounds gathered and shared their experiences. Bunnings generously provided a great location, as well as all partners providing morning tea, and giveaways for the attendees.

The event aimed to raise awareness about the fulfilling career paths available through apprenticeships and traineeships. Representatives from Ai Group ATC, Lisa Pisano and Harry McCabe, actively engaged with the audience. A significant highlight of the event was the presence of Channel 7 media. Their coverage documented the day’s significance, capturing interviews with participants, industry experts, and our ATC representatives.

This media exposure not only amplified the message of inclusivity within the skilled trades but also served to inspire a wider audience and potentially encourage more women to consider these rewarding career paths.
As the event drew to a close, a sense of accomplishment and shared purpose resonated amongst the attendees. The ATC, along with our friends from MEGT, Mates in Construction, DeWalt and Bunnings successfully created a platform for women to explore their potential within the skilled trades. The day fostered a sense of community and provided valuable resources and connections for these aspiring professionals.

This event serves as a testament to the ongoing efforts to bridge the gender gap in the skilled trades workforce. By providing a supportive environment, promoting awareness, and offering accessible pathways through apprenticeships and traineeships, our ATC and partners are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future within these critical industries.

Well done to Lisa and Harry on putting together a fantastic morning!