According to statistics gained by the NCVER (National Centre for Vocational Education Research) centre report on ‘Completion rates for Group Training Organisations (GTO’s), engaging an apprentice through a Group Training Company like ours will increase the chances of apprentices and trainees successfully completing their program.

Whilst there are a lot of great employers out there employing, training and supporting apprentices, GTO’s are the smart alternative to engaging apprentices and trainees.

Quote from the recent NCVER report on Completion rates include:

Advantages of GTO system for apprentices and trainees GTOs

“The main advantages of employment and work placement through a GTO included security of employment (and correct rates of payment), support from field officers or mentors, flexibility in contract arrangements such as suspensions and the ability to move apprentices and trainees to different host employers, and the ability to gain a range of skills and experiences. One respondent also commented that ‘parents love the safety net of the GTO’. This statement implies that parents also have a strong influence on whether apprentices and trainees undertake their qualification through a GTO rather than a direct employer — and therefore perhaps on completion rates via their support. The GTO apprentice felt that his employment arrangement offered good security and provided a good variety of work.”