A New Chapter in Career Development: Ai Group ATC Takes Over IBM-Founded P-Tech Program

An exciting career pathway development program launched by IBM is now being delivered by the Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre (Ai Group ATC).

The P-Tech (Pathways in Technology) Program is an innovative education model designed to cultivate a skilled and future-ready workforce by forging direct connections between schools and industry partners.

IBM played a pivotal role in growing and shaping the program, and as the new stewards of P-Tech, Ai Group ATC looks forward to maintaining and nurturing partnerships with the schools already part of the program.

Meaningful industry partnerships

Ai Group ATC is committed to fostering meaningful partnerships with business and the education sector. These will ensure students in the P-Tech Program receive invaluable insights, mentorship and exposure to real industry practices.

Career pathways and readiness

P-Tech aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to transition successfully from school to the workforce.

Ai Group ATC’s expertise and experience in delivering apprenticeships and traineeships further propels students into rewarding careers in technology and related fields.

P-Tech goes beyond traditional classroom learning by providing students with exposure to real-world industry challenges. Through hands-on experiences, mentoring and industry-relevant projects, students gain a holistic skillset that prepares them for the dynamic demands of the workforce.

Community engagement and impact

By taking the lead in P-Tech, Ai Group ATC reinforces its commitment to community development. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities. The P-Tech Program allows us to actively contribute to building a skilled workforce that drives economic growth and prosperity.

Become part of the action

We invite businesses of all sizes and sectors to join us in this collaborative effort.

By becoming a P-Tech industry partner, you can shape the next generation of professionals, contribute to the community and meet your future workforce.

Join Ai Group ATC in building a brighter future for our youth and contribute to the continued success of Australian industry.

Stay tuned for updates on how you can be a part of this transformative initiative.