The Ai Group Centre for Education and Training is partnering with industry and RMIT University to create an apprenticeship in systems engineering. This new program will enable a person to complete an accredited Bachelor of Systems Engineering while employed as an apprentice with participating companies.

The apprenticeship is expected to take 5 years to complete. During that time the apprentice will be employed on a full-time basis to attend university and work on related tasks. Some of the formal study will also be undertaken in the workplace.

Apprentices will be paid while undertaking the program and the cost of attending university will be supported by their employer.

There is currently a national shortage of systems engineers, and this shortage is expected to grow as the country continues to develop its Defence-related manufacturing. Some of the participating companies operate in the Defence sector.

This pilot program will offer the opportunity to get into the profession without any prior qualification and enable people to earn while they learn. Graduates will gain the same qualification as if they had enrolled at university as a full-time student, but will also gain years of valuable work experience while undertaking the program.

The program will commence apprentices in time for the start of the 2024 academic year. Participating companies will be recruiting new apprentices during the last quarter of 2023. Register your interest below to be contacted when vacancies commence.


To be eligible to join this program you must be:

  • Be an Australian citizen and based in Victoria.

  • Have completed VCE, including year 12 maths, preferably Maths Methods.

  • Achieved a suitable ATAR score (individuals may be assessed on a case by case basis).

  • Be employed by a business that meets the criteria required by the apprenticeship regulations.

For Candidates

Commence an apprenticeship combined with advanced education studies to achieve an outcome that would otherwise take four years without any employment included.


  • Earn while you learn, be paid to study and achieve your goals.

  • Gain valuable practical experience while applying your knowledge in the workplace.

  • Obtain the Bachelor of Systems Engineering, accredited by Engineers Australia.

  • Receive support from your employer to meet some of the cost of university training.

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For Employers

Employ an apprentice within the known apprenticeship framework but reap the benefits of the practical skills combined with advanced knowledge.


  • Create a pipeline of talent for your business.

  • Gain early access to talented people who will develop their craft by working alongside and learning from your own team.
  • Open up your access to professional staff beyond standard recruitment programs. Degree apprenticeship programs in other countries have demonstrated a wider demographic of people apply for these positions than through graduate or internship programs.

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