Safety Newsletter – Issue 3 September 2018


It’s the last quarter!

So, don’t drop the ball….

This is a game we must win….so

Let’s finish the game and all go home safe!

 Nationally we had more injuries in the last quarter of 2017 than any other quarter last year.

This time of year, we are getting tired, looking forward to a break and rushing jobs as everybody want things done yesterday!

So be a Safety Leader and finish the game off strong!

Tips to get you through this last quarter.

  • Always adopt a “Take 5” approach to anything you do
  • Look out for your own safety and your workmates
  • Always wear the appropriate PPE
  • Offer suggestions to improve safety in your workplace
  • Report all hazards and near misses
  • Always follow safety policies and procedures
  • Do not rush jobs, think about your tasks
  • Housekeeping is everything

And remember “the standards you walk past, are the standards you except”.


If you have any safety concerns or issues, please use the contacts below:

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Alan Roydhouse
WHS National Manager
M: 0418 854 039
E: [email protected]

[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″]

Ren Trinchera
Senior Safety Adviser
M: 0449 676 752
E: [email protected]

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Paul McPherson
Safety Adviser
M: 0415 121 606
E: [email protected]