Pictured left to right: Supervisor (Ben Bullivant) and Apprentices James Dowling, Mason Bishop, Jermey Green.

Sparking Creativity: Siloz Apprentices Forge projects to hone their skills

Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre’s host company ‘Siloz’ isn’t just about building grain storage silos and agricultural equipment – they’re also nurturing the next generation of skilled metalworkers. Under the direction of general manager Krystal Storey, and further guidance from their supportive mentors and supervisors our three apprentices, James Dowling, Mason Bishop, and Jeremy Green, recently were provided a unique learning experience: designing, costing, budgeting, time frames and building their own metalwork projects. The result? A trio of a backyard BBQ, a fire pit masterpiece, and a unique and intricate ‘Dice rolling tower’.

Mason Bishop: Ever the grill master in the making, tackled a sleek and stylish BBQ. His design boasts a spacious cooking surface, a convenient side shelf for tools and spices, and a sturdy base for ultimate grilling stability. The clean lines and meticulous welds showcase Mason’s growing precision and attention to detail.

Jeremy Green: Jeremy, went for a more social design. His fire pit is a spacious circle of steel, The intricate cutouts along the rim add a touch of artistic flair, while the sturdy construction ensures countless evenings of warmth and laughter. The base’s design allows the fire pit to be easily moved to ensure he can take it away camping.

James Dowling: James, A fan of Dungeons and Dragons, extended his creativity to create a Dice Rolling Tower, that is not only functional but captures the imagination of every wizard and Warlock that comes in to contact his fantastic creation! Jame’s designed this in 3D to ensure it went together seamlessly.

But these projects are more than just impressive metalwork; they’re great examples of the innovative spirit of Siloz and their commitment to fostering young talent. By providing apprentices with the opportunity to design, build, and problem-solve on real-world projects, Siloz is not only honing their technical skills but also igniting their passion for the craft.

This initiative is a win-win for everyone. The apprentices gain invaluable experience and a sense of accomplishment, while Siloz benefits from their fresh perspectives and increased skills. It’s a model for apprenticeship programs everywhere, proving that hands-on learning and creative freedom are the keys to unlocking the next generation of skilled tradespeople.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a perfectly grilled steak, engaged in a thrilling board game battle, or simply sitting by a crackling fire, remember the Siloz apprentices who forged these backyard masterpieces. Their story highlights that with the right guidance and a spark of creativity, anything is possible.