WHS Safety Focus – Reporting Incidents, Hazards, and Injuries

Don’t let it go, REPORT it, save a life!

Remember, with EVERYONE reporting, we place safety first, we minimise harm, and contributes to a healthier work environment.

Reporting workplace injuries is crucial for several reasons:

Safety and Legal Requirements:

  • Reporting injuries, illnesses, near misses, and hazards allows your host employer to take corrective actions and prevent any re occurrences. Remember that we are all responsible for each other at work!
  • Everyone in the workplace has a responsibility to notify if they come across dangerous situations. If not sure contact the AI Group ATC safety team.
  • Some injuries, illnesses, and incidents (e,g, electric shock) must be reported to regulatory bodies by law.
  • In all Australian states, employers have a duty of care to provide and maintain a safe workplace.

Accessing Benefits:

  • If your are injured at work you can access financial assistance to recover from injuries. This assistance includes covering medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs during recovery. These benefits can only be accessed if you report your injury and lodge a workers compensation claim through the ATC.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Workplaces with a good safety culture will involve apprentices in toolbox meetings, where they will review and assess the learnings from an injury/incident. You should report all hazards & the hazard should be reviewed by hosts.

If you have any WHS questions or concerns, please contact our WHS team.