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Our History

Helping businesses for nearly 150 years

Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre has been helping Australian businesses of all sizes to improve the bottom line for almost 150 years – it’s the reason we exist. We are passionate about helping good businesses become great through the delivery of cost effective, customised apprentice management solutions with a focus on the productivity of your workplace.

It starts with the quality of our apprentices, many of whom have gone on to win awards, recognition and other career development opportunities. We know employing an apprentice is a big investment on your part and take selection seriously. Finding quality candidates is hard as the majority are entering the workforce for the first time. This means for many employers choosing an apprentice can be a bit like taking a stab in the dark.

Our rigorous selection process and way we manage apprentices once they are employed is designed to ensure you get a return – a placement that delivers productivity.

The Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre way:

  • We thoroughly assess motivations, aptitude and discipline.
  • We match an apprentice’s capabilities and career goals both to your business and to your industry sector.
  • We survey each candidate’s teachers in detail wherever possible to understand how motivated and disciplined they are and how well they work with their peers.

If you think your industry sector will always struggle to attract the best apprentices, think again. We tackle negative stereotypes head-on to emphasize the bright future you and your industry can offer. We champion your industry so our apprentices can champion your business.


    Ai Group Workforce Development

    We place apprentices and trainees with host organisations across all states and territories. ​We are a proud partner to more than 200 host organisations including some ​top Australia​n household names.