The Ai Group Centre for Education and Training is partnering with TAFE Queensland and the University of Southern Queensland to create a pathway program that offers a dual electrical qualification in a project funded by the Queensland Government.

The pathway commences with a regular electrical apprenticeship, that includes the Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (UEE3082) and leads to an Electrical Mechanic licence, with a Bachelor of Engineering Technology. The streamlined pathway enables candidates to complete the combined knowledge and skills across both qualifcations at the same time in a timeline of six (6) years instead of eight (8) years.

The combination will provide candidates with multiple qualifications and certifications.

Businesses will benefit from a practically skilled tradesperson with advanced system understanding. This will address a gap in the skills market identified by industry. Modern control systems in sophisticated industry applications have outpaced the current trade knowledge but the engineering staff who understand the systems are unlicensed to physically work on them. The outcome will be a licensed electrician with advanced engineering knowledge who is able to design, install, and commission and maintain these technical systems.

The program is currently in the process of functional design and preparation. The pilot program is expected to be operational mid-2024. All candidates and employers who have submitted an Expression of Interest (via the links below) will be contacted to prepare for this commencement.


To be eligible to join this program you must be:

  • An Australian citizen and based in Queensland.
  • Have completed year 12 maths, preferably Maths Methods.
  • Achieve a suitable ATAR score (individuals may be assessed on a case by case basis).
  • Employed by a business that meets the criteria required by the apprenticeship regulations.

NB: Candidates who do not hold exact prerequisites or mature age applicants may be considered and undergo further selection processes at the potential employer’s discretion. Existing apprentices can apply.


For Candidates
Commence an apprenticeship combined with advanced education studies to achieve an outcome that would otherwise take up to eight years.


  • Earn while you learn, be paid to study and achieve your goals.
  • Apprenticeship training paid by government funding.
  • HECS will be applicable to the Bachelor portion of the program.
  • Gain valuable practical experience while applying your knowledge in the workplace.
  • Obtain the Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician qualification (UEE30820).
  • Eligibility for the Electrical Mechanic Licence issued by the Electrical Safety Office.
  • Obtain a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree with eligibility to join Engineers Australia.
  • Achieve all this within a reduced duration compared to separate study plans.

For Employers

Employ an applicant who will complete an apprenticeship within the known framework along with the high-level theory components of engineering. Reap the benefits of practical skills combined with advanced knowledge.


  • Gain an employee with advanced STEM knowledge and ability to apply it in the workplace.
  • Create a pipeline of talent for your business.
  • Benefit from staff with the ability to work in various aspects and applications of the business.
  • Obtain these combined benefits within a reduced period.

For further enquiries about this program, contact Rosemary Potter (Project Lead) at


Please complete the form to send us your details for the Queensland Electrical Dual Qualifications program.