Safety Newsletter – Crush Injuries (Issue 1-March2021)

Ai Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre have had several hand crush injuries reported in the first quarter of 2021.

What is a crush injury?

A crush injury occurs when the body or a body part is trapped, pinched, or jammed under or between objects. The pressure can harm skin, muscles, nerves, or bone, depending on the degree of force.

Risk factors can include:

Lack of safety guards is a major factor in crush injuries. Ensure all machinery you use is fitted with safety shields to cover all moving parts, such as belts and pulleys.

Regularly maintain and check your machinery. Always ensure your hands, and any other parts of your body are out of harms way.

How to prevent crush injuries in the workplace?

Do a Take 5 risk assessment to establish how you and your co-workers could be hurt by equipment in your workplace. Consider doors, shutters, machinery, tools, and other items which could potentially trap and crush people, or close on them unexpectedly. Think about the control measures you should implement to prevent crush injuries.


Make sure that your PPE is correct for the tasks. If you require PPE contact your Employment Training Consultant (ETC).

Always – report ALL workplace incidents, injuries, near misses and dangerous situations to your ETC and to your host supervisor immediately.

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Think Safe, Be Safe, Leave Safe.